Thursday, June 4, 2015

Solutions to the end of the Texas Subsequent History Table

This is just a reminder that as of October 2014 Thomson Reuters ceased publication of the Texas Subsequent History Table. Practicing attorneys may be accustomed to using this publication to determine how the Texas Supreme Court or Court of Criminal Appeals disposed of an appeal from an intermediate appellate court. The Fred Parks Library has the publication up to the most recent edition, which was 2014.

So what are your options now?

While not everyone will see the solution as ideal, Thomson Reuters is recommending attorneys use KeyCite. The Fred Parks Law Library staff would like to remind our alumni that we have a limited version of WestlawNext available for in-library use where one can use KeyCite to find the disposition of a case. The Harris County Law Library also has public patron access to WestlawNext and, both of which have citator services that allow individuals to find the disposition of a case.