Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Super Bowl Edition

By Heather Kushnerick, Special Collections Librarian & College Archivist

Annotations, February/March 1989
On January 29, 1989, the First Annual Law Review vs. Advocates Flag Football Classic was played. That’s right – the South Texas Law Review and the Board of Advocates battled it out, grid-iron style. On that fateful day 25 years ago the Law Review emerged victorious, trouncing the Advocates 24-6. In the BoA’s defense it was raining and their ringer, Stephen Harpold, was doing research for a brief. Dean Treece vowed revenge come softball season. Did the Advocates, in fact, make good on Treece’s vow? Was there a Second Annual Flag Football Classic? Stay tuned! You never know what I’ll find in the archives next week! If you'd like to read this issue of Annotations (or any other issue), you can view it online here

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Collection Spotlight - Super Bowl Edition

by Barbara Szalkowski, Senior Catalog Librarian

Now Appearing in the Library!

The Library collection contains a vast variety of
non-legal works. Our Super Bowl spotlight falls
on NFL history. You can find other non-legal
sports-related works, including biographies
of former NFL coaches Bum Phillips and George Allen
in GV on the main 3rd floor.
If you need works on sports law, see
KF 3989 on the main 4th floor.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Memorial edition

By Heather Kushnerick, Special Collections Librarian & College Archivist

Dean Garland Walker, 1980.

        Thirty years ago, on January 21, 1985, South Texas College of Law held a memorial service for Dean Garland Walker, who died December 2, 1984.
        Garland Walker was born on a farm in Limestone County, Texas, on October 2, 1920. Upon graduating high school, Walker decided that he wanted to be doctor. He attended Texas A&M University and, like many other students, he was a member of the Reserve Officers Training Corp. Ten days after graduating from A&M in 1943, he reported for active duty in the United States Army. He volunteered for the Sixth Engineers Special Brigade, a unit made up of underwater and demolitions experts. After extensive training, his unit was sent to England to take part in the D-Day invasion. Walker was badly wounded on Omaha Beach, and spent the next 27 months recovering. His injuries were extensive and ended his dream of becoming a doctor. Instead, he enrolled in the University of Texas Law School, graduating in 1948.
        Garland Walker joined the faculty of South Texas College of Law in 1959.  He taught Torts, Contracts, and Professional Responsibility.  He assumed responsibility for developing the law library and served as the librarian from 1959 - 1961.  In 1968, at the recommendation of Judge Spurgeon E. Bell, Chairman of the Board of Trustee’s of South Texas College of Law, Walker was offered the position of Dean.   He served as Dean until he resigned due to illness in October of 1984. During that time he sought to increase the size and prestige of the school. The student body increased from 200 to over 1000 and the size of the building increased as well. Along with renovations to the existing building, he oversaw the addition of our 11-story tower, which was completed shortly before his death in 1984. Under his tenure our award winning Advocacy Program was established and we became the first law school in Texas to offer both a criminal and civil internship. 
        Today’s photo is of Garland Walker with the model of South Texas College of Law, or, as some of our alumni call us, the school that Walker built.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Collection Spotlight - Texas Governors

by Barbara Szalkowski, Senior Catalog Librarian

Now Appearing in the Library!

In recognition of the inauguration of a new Texas Governor
this week, we spotlight the biography of
Miriam A ("Ma") and James E. ("Pa") Ferguson,
two of the more colorful former Governors of Texas.
You can find more books on Texas politics and history in
F 381-395 in the main stacks on the 3rd floor.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Westlaw Student Study Aids Troubleshooting

Several current students at South Texas College of Law have received the following error message when trying to access Student Study Aids in Westlaw:

Apparently that portion of Westlaw works best using the Microsoft Explorer browser.  If you have your heart set on using either Chrome or Firefox, certain updates will have to be made to the browser on the computer you are using.  In that case you will have to call Westlaw technical support, and someone will walk you through the steps of adjusting the settings on your browser so that you will not get an error message.

The Westlaw 24-hour customer support number (where technical support can be contacted) is: 1.800.937.8529

Collection Spotlight - 1L Resources

by Barbara Szalkowski, Senior Catalog Librarian

Now Appearing in the Library!

We also have a collection of books for 1st Year students
from the stacks on TOP of the Reference shelves
on the main 2nd floor. You will find chapters on
briefing and outlining in many of them.
The collection is marked by a sign,
"How to Succeed in Law School".

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