Monday, June 2, 2014

Build Your Business Knowledge with CORe and the Harvard Business School

In the world of higher education, web-based learning is nothing new. Many institutions offer online degree programs in a variety of disciplines, and the world of MOOCs is growing by leaps and bounds, but, according to critics, online education has a long way to go. A standard model of online instruction that fully leverages the technology of our interconnected world, they argue, has yet to be fully realized. Even so, progress is steady and the pressure for schools to compete in the growing marketplace of online learning is undeniable. This competition will shape tomorrow's web-based content-delivery platforms and determine how the world will learn in the future. 

For its first foray into the online realm, Harvard Business School has created HBX, which uses a proprietary software platform to offer educational content over the Web. Beginning on June 11th, the first HBX program will launch. It's called CORe or Credential of Readiness and it's designed as a primer (especially for those with a liberal arts background) on the fundamentals of business. Three courses -- Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting -- will be offered, taught by HBS professors, for a fee of $1,500. The first enrollment period has already closed, but the program will be offered again. What a great credential to include on your resume! And for those who plan to hang out a shingle, what useful knowledge to apply as you build your practice. 

If you'd like to learn more about CORe and to be notified of the next enrollment period, register here.

And for the backstory, read about CORe and the development of HBX here: Business School, Disrupted