Friday, August 31, 2012

West's Law School Study Aids - Now Available!!!!!

Access your study aids today!!!

1.       Login to

2.       Click on the My eProducts tab on the top of the screen

3.       Click on the West Study Aids Subscription tab

4.      You will then see the orange box on the left hand side that says the school has purchased the study aids subscription.


5.       You can search for anything, click a link (see below) and the very 1st time you access you will receive the Pre-Eula:


6.       By clicking on PROCEED you are agreeing to this Pre-Eula and will never see the screen again.

7.       From then on, you can simply search to their hearts content.

Try it and let us know if you like it (or not). Our subscription will expire on May 15, 2013.