Thursday, January 12, 2012

Follow Up On Deferred Adjudication Pardons

By Jessica R. Alexander, J.D., M.L.S.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has now issued the forms and some vague guidelines on how to apply for a pardon of deferred adjudication cases. Information on the law of pardons in Texas can be found in the Texas Criminal Practice Guide, Volume 5, editors, Marvin O. Teague and Barry T. Heft, published by Matthew-Bender. It can be accessed through our Stanley Portal electronically in the Lexis-Nexis Matthew Bender Online database: It is in paper on the 5th floor and on reserve at KFT1775 .T4 1979.

It remains to be seen how the process for deferred adjudication pardons plays out in the board, before the Governor and maybe ultimately in a judicial review scenario. This new area of Texas law is ripe as a subject of a scholarly article. For example, former Govenor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, finds some of his controversial pardons enjoined by a court.,8599,2104269,00.html?xid=gonewsedit