Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FREE scanning in the library!

New FREE scanning options are now available in the library! You may have already used our desktop scanner, located next to the Patron Services desk, which allows you to save your scanned images to a USB drive or send them to your email account, but you might not be aware that our new photocopiers on floors 2, 4, and 5 also have scanning capabilities.

Which scanner should I use?

Features of the desktop scanner:
  • Color scanning

  • Auto correction for page placement

  • See your image on the monitor before saving it

  • Crop your image before saving it

  • Specify desired file type (JPG, TIFF, PDF -- with or without OCR)

  • Best for low volume jobs, especially when using the email function. File size is limited to 10 MB when sending by email; USB storage is limited only by the storage capacity of your drive.
Features of the Oce Photocopiers:
  • Scan to USB drive only

  • Adjust settings for brightness and image size

  • Black and white scanning only

  • No image preview feature

  • All files saved as PDFs (without OCR)

  • Best for high volume jobs when original document is unbound (loose pages). The automatic sheet feeder is heavy-duty, and it allows for the scanning of double-sided documents.

  • Slight learning curve when scanning images from bound source material into a single PDF
Regardless of which machine you use, all scanning in the library is free for students. To activate the Oce photocopiers, a copy card with at least $0.10 value is required, but no money will be deducted. Copy cards can be checked out with your student ID at the Patron Services desk.

The desktop scanner is very user friendly, and, while scanning on the photocopiers can take a little getting used to, there are detailed instructions posted next to each machine. Of course, if you need help using any of the machines, please let us know.