Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Library Policies on Food

For those of you returning to the Fred Parks Law Library this fall you will probably notice a large sign near the 2nd floor elevators alerting you to a new and, probably, long awaited policy regarding food in the library. Patrons visiting the library are now allowed to bring food in and eat while they study. There are of course some guidelines, which are prominently displayed on the new sign: Covered Drinks, Cold Snacks, Clean up.

Covered Drinks: the policy regarding the types of containers you can use to drink liquids remains the same. All containers must have secure lids to prevent spilling. Examples of appropriate and non-appropriate containers are located in the glass case by the 2nd floor elevators.

Cold Snacks: As a courtesy to other patrons, we ask that you not bring in food that is hot or smelly. Basically, if you have to heat it up, it isn't allowed. Examples of appropriate and non-appropriate foods are also located in the glass case by the 2nd floor elevators.

Clean Up: When you are done eating, please dispose of your trash in the large trash cans that will be located on each floor. There will be one located by the elevators and and another convenient location on each floor, including extras in the lounge area on the 3rd floor.

Please keep in mind, the library has approved this new policy on a trail basis. We are depending on our students, alumni, and other visitors to the library to be responsible and follow the guidelines, in the hopes that everyone can enjoy their experience while visiting.