Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Library Map Now Available through STELLA

Barbara Szalkowski, Senior Catalog Librarian

A new feature has been added to our online public access catalog, STELLA. When you do a search, some of the locations will be "hot-linked" and when you click on one, you will get a map with the appropriate section highlighted. We have not hot-linked "Main", since it is over multiple floors. All the other locations (Reference, Reserve, History, Special Collections, etc.) have been hot-linked to a map of that specific floor showing the highlighted location of the section.

If you go into STELLA directly (htttp:// or from the library webpage (, you will be able to use this new function. Access to this feature is not yet available through STANLEY, but it will be soon. -- UPDATE 8/25/09: Access is now available through STANLEY. Thanks for your patience.