Friday, May 1, 2009

Best Legal Writing of 2008...and more!

By Heather Waltman, Interlibrary Loan & Reference Librarian
The Green Bag is an entertaining journal of law (responsible for the production and distribution of Supreme Court Justice bobbleheads) that publishes insightful, funny, and provocative legal writing. Every year since 2006, The Green Bag has produced an annual compendium called An Almanac of Useful and Entertaining Tidbits for Lawyers for the Year to Come and Reader of Exemplary Legal Writing from the Year Just Passed. Each volume contains a selection of the best (according to a board of advisors) legal opinions, books, articles and essays of the prior year, supplemented by original writing 0n the law. The Almanac is truly a unique creation whose medley of factoids, commentaries, photographs, illustrations, and other oddities makes for a fascinating read.

The library has all volumes (2006-2009) of the Almanac in hard copy, available for check-out, on the third floor of the library at K184 .G742. Visit The Green Bag website to read about the Almanac. While you're there, check out the rest of their interesting and entertaining offerings. The library also subscribes to the journal in print (available at K7 .R43).