Monday, April 27, 2009

Law review publishing in plain English

Heather Waltman, Interlibrary Loan & Reference Librarian
If you'd like to read the latest scholarly publishing in a condensed, accessible format, take a look at This site makes available the abbreviated versions of law review articles from seven different law reviews. Articles published in Stanford Law Review, New York University Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Georgetown Law Review, Northwestern Law Review and University of Chicago Law Review are summarized in "op-ed" pieces designed for a more generalist audience. According to the website,

"Each Legal Workshop Editorial undergoes the same rigorous editorial treatment and quality screening as the journals’ print content, but readers are able to offer comments and esteemed academics have the option of submitting response pieces, which are checked for citations and substance."

Other schools plan to contribute their law review content in the near future. For the layperson, as well as those who simply don't have time to pore over the latest journals in detail, is a site worth checking out.