Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Of Man Cleared By DNA Still Seeks Justice

NPR reports on the nearly 25 year old case of Timothy Cole who was wrongly convicted of rape and died in prison: Family Of Man Cleared By DNA Still Seeks Justice

"In 1985, Timothy Cole was a student in Lubbock when he was arrested and accused of being the Texas Tech rapist. A string of coeds had been raped, and the young African-American man from Fort Worth, who'd never been in trouble with the law before, was convicted largely on the eyewitness account of one rape victim.

"The Innocence Project of Texas sought relief in court to clear Cole's name, but no judge in Lubbock would grant them a hearing. Darnell, the former district attorney who later became a local family court judge, did not respond to repeated requests for an interview. However, he told the Lubbock paper that he regretted what happened to Cole. "