Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday's Legal Resource: Congressional Universe Digital Collection Update

The Fred Parks Law Library recently added the digital collection to it's subscription on Congressional Universe. Now when preforming a search you will no longer need to copy the CIS number to find documents in microfiche, you will be able to obtain most documents in both html and as a PDF copy of the original.

The collections (and dates) that will now be available on PDF are:
  • LexisNexis Congressional Serial Set
  • LexisNexis Congressional Research Digital Collection Historical Archive
  • LexisNexis Congressional Hearings Digital Collection 1824-1979 LexisNexis Congressional Hearings Digital Collection 1980-2003
If a digital copy of the document you are looking for is available in PDF format, it will read as "LexisNexis Congressional Research Digital Collection, Full Text Available" in the results listing. To obtain the PDF copy all you need to do is click on the link in your result that reads: "Replica of Original".

Please note that not all documents will be available in PDF format. To obtain copies of the original in such a case refer back to the original post on Congressional Universe.