Friday, June 13, 2008

New Summer Holiday Hours

On Friday, July 4th of 2008 the Fred Parks Library will be closed. Regular summer hours will resume the next day on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Silva Rhetoricae - Still the Best Site on the Web - According to Me!

Jessica R. Alexander, Reference Librarian
For both pleasure and profit look at my favorite website, Silva Rhetoricae. It is a beautifully constructed site, which after more than ten years continues to fascinate and serve as a valuable tool. It will enhance a law student's or legal professional's ability to construct effective argument.

This site adds profound meaning to and explication of the term "figure of speech" and takes us into the forest where these figures and other rhetorical devices come come alive. Trees and flowers making up the forest lead to fascinating definitions and examples of rhetorical devices.

For law students, faculty and other members of the legal community it can be a practical resource for constructing argument in briefs, memorandums and oral arguments.
For the purpose of writing this blog entry, I entered the term "law" in the site's search box. One of the many results is a path to a Greek term relating to argument using anecdotal references: chreia. Once there, the user is given tools such as definitions, related rhetorical devices, and directions and examples for composition.

Check this site out, folks!